Wednesday, February 20, 2013


First love is important but last love is very-very important.

Because, first love teaches what is love [same goes to second love, third and so on and blablablabla] but the last love teaches WHAT IS LIFE. 

pstttt -hey my first love, thanks for everything! Tak pernah menyesal kenal awak sebab tu awak kawan kita sekarang. Tak ada dendam durjana pun. Just chill saja tau! [Kalau awak baca ni, yes you're important for me dulu-kini-selamanya. As friend! For the second one -no comment. For the third one, same goes to you, tiada penyesalan. I've learned a lot. Thanks! Biarkan perngorbanan itu suatu yang berbaloi. For the present -may you be the last! That all...ngee~ 

[should not be listed under 'spentaneous' label, maybe] 

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